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Greek man shot in double-park row
A Greek policeman has been arrested after allegedly shooting a man who had double-parked his car to buy breakfast.

The driver and a friend were ordering coffee and cheese pies on Sunday when the off-duty officer told them to move their car, police said.

As they argued the policeman allegedly shot the driver, who is now recovering in hospital, in the thigh. The officer said his gun went off accidentally.

The incident came as Greece introduced tough penalties for driving offences.

Dangerous driving

The police officer - who was not in uniform at the time - may face charges over the incident, in the northern city of Salonica (Thessaloniki in Greek).

Greek officials are trying to improve the country's reputation for having some of the most dangerous roads in Europe, says the BBC's Malcolm Brabant in Athens.

Police have often turned a blind eye to traffic infringements such as driving the wrong way down one-way streets, ignoring red lights, double parking and drink driving.

Greek authorities have now demanded stricter policing, but this should involve writing tickets rather than opening fire at point-blank range, says our correspondent.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2007/06/04 16:16:28 GMT


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